Now You Can Have Your Best Skin…At Any Age

by Beth Heilman on November 22, 2011

The best skin care program is one that works with your skin and with your schedule. And whether you're 12, 25 or 95 years young; you can start right now (no matter what condition your skin is in) to transform your complexion.


Ah, skin. What would we be without it? Pretty funny looking, huh? Ever seen "Bodies: the Exhibition"? Ewwww. Our skin is the largest single organ our body possesses and probably the most abused. It keeps our insides in and protects them, too.

Then what do we do to our skin? We tan it (or should I say, bake it), expose it to the elements,and pierce it. We try to dry it out if it's oily and pile moisturizers on it if it's dry. Then we wonder why it doesn't look so great.

You and your skin deserve better. Today there are products available that are state-of-the-art, yet simple to use. The best skin care should be no more complicated then cleansing, toning and moisturizing. It should be a pleasure to do, not a chore.

Here we'll explore great skin care that will take just minutes a day. We'll talk about some truly fabulous ayurvedic ingredients that nourish and heal the skin. Ayurveda simply means: ayu-life and veda-knowledge. Ayurvedic ingredients are found in nature (herbs and plants)and help restore balance and harmony through wonderful smells and textures.

Your skin is as individual as you are and can change over time. Your skin care routine should change with it yet still remain simple.

As some of the secrets to healthy skin are exposed, skin care, simple, no nonsense skin care, will help keep your skin looking younger in the years to come.


Winter Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

by Beth Heilman on December 15, 2011

Everyone's skin needs a little extra TLC in the winter, even folks with oily skin. The mistake some make though is thinking that oily skin doesn't need extra moisture in the winter because it's well…oily.

Not necessarily so.

While owners of, shall we say, shine challenged skin don't need quite as much moisture as our drier skinned counterparts do, we still need it.

Here's why…

The drier the surface of your skin gets, the more oil it will produce.

The more oil it produces, the shinier you get and the more you want to dry it out. It's a vicious cycle so STOP (she said with great love).

Try this instead…

Make sure you stay hydrated in the winter- You may not feel as thirsty in the colder months as you do in the summer, but you still need to drink plenty of liquids, (water, fruit juices, some spiked…I mean spiced apple cider :-) ) anything that will add fluids to your system.

Exfoliate your skin regularly- Use a mild scrub or one of those nifty, cool microdermabrasion kits for home use. Getting rid of the dry, surface skin that clogs pores (and causes breakouts) and makes your skin look dull will help any moisturizer work better and give you a lovely Holiday glow. Try it, you'll like it :-)

Use a good quality moisturizer- Yes, even in the winter. Oily skin really does need moisure al year round. Use one that's water based and don't forget to check for a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15.

It may be winter, but the sun still shines and your skin needs protected.

There you have it. Three simple tips to have beautiful glowing (not

shiny) skin through the winter months. Try them yourself and let me know how it works for you by leaving a comment below. Until next time…

To your great skin,