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FREE And Low Cost Ways To Advertise Network Marketing

Looking for some free and low cost ways to advertise network marketing business opportunities or products? These are some additional ways to get exposure for your network marketing business and product.

Here are some of my top suggestions on how you can advertise network marketing with integrity to the kind of people who are looking for network marketing information.

Become the Expert in Your Field

Make sure to earn three free links to your network marketing distributor website by participating in this new MLM Wiki site, a great contribution to the network marketing industry by Dr. Mark Worthen. Visit the site to learn how the MLM Wiki works.

Advertise On Your Car

Enormous exposure for a VERY low price, and a wonderful conversation starter with your warm market. Runs $20-$50. Highly recommended because it works! You can buy your own domain and point it to a Lead Capture Page (next item) to begin a relationship with your prospects.

Get Your Own Lead Capture Page

A unique lead capture page allows you to begin the process of developing a relationship with your prospects, which is THE most effective way to market online. Advertise your network marketing lead capture page online or offline through your web decal or business card. Many people who are starting out to advertise network marketing make the mistake of sending people to a corporate website. This does nothing for your prospects! Learn the benefits of using a professionally designed and unique lead capture page. A good lead capture page gives you the ability to reach potential team members and customers 24/7. It will do your job for you even while you sleep.

List Your Business In A High Quality MLM Directory

This MLM directory focuses on high quality network marketing businesses. There is a small and reasonable fee to list yourself starting at $25 for four months, and it is worth the exposure you and your site will receive.

Create Your Own Leads Generation Site

This takes some time and effort, and works best if you create a product focused site, but will reward you handsomely over the long term if you follow the instructions and methods taught here. This is one of my all time recommendations, which built 80% of my network marketing business. Learn to advertise network marketing the right way, and you will build a business that will last a lifetime.


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